What is Video Ads in Google AdWords ?

Google Adwords Videos Ads

In Google AdWords, you can create interesting video campaigns through the use of different video ad formats to draw customer across YouTube and similar sites.

Networks of Video Ads

The networks which are commonly targeted for this type of ads include YouTube Search, YouTube Videos and Video partners on the video network.

1. YouTube Search
YouTube Search
When people search for videos and other types of content on YouTube, they can refine their search through the use of filters.

2. YouTube Videos
YouTube Videos
You can advertise video ads in the same way as a TV ad by having your advert display on a video prior, during or after it has been shown.

3. Video Partners on the Display Network
Video Partners on the Display Network
Google video partners are those mobile applications and high-quality publisher websites where you can make your video ads visible to viewers outside YouTube. Video partner publishers are carefully examined and need to meet the inventory quality standards which have been set by Google.


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