What is Social Media Optimization ( SMO ) ?

Social Media Optimization ( SMO ) is the process which is used to enhance the awareness related to a brand, product or event by using social networking sites and communities to create viral publicity. The major activities of social media optimization include the usage of social news and bookmarking sites, RSS feeds, social media sites, video and blogging sites. In one way, SMO is similar to SEO as both aim to drive traffic to a website.

What is Social Media ?

Social media is an umbrella term which is used to refer to all channels of digital media to boost community-based involvement, interaction, sharing of content and collaboration. Some of the most common types of social media include websites and dedications related to microblogging, forums, social networking, social curation, social bookmarking and wiki.

Importance of Social Media in Digital Marketing

Social media posts can help in driving targeted traffic to a website. By creating a new page, you can get the much-needed attention from people who are targeting. Well-placed posts on social media can in a great way enhance the flow of traffic to your site. By sharing a single link on Reddit, you can draw more than 15,000 visitors within a single weekend.

By submitting links on StumbleUpon you can increase the number of visitors from few to hundreds in a day. Thus, social media forms a part and parcel of any social media campaign.

Introduction to Different Social Media Networks :

1. Facebook

Facebook SMO

Facebook is one of the most popular social networking sites and has gained a substantial number of users and traffic on Myspace within a short time span. Businesses can use Facebook as a perfect platform for marketing by creating their own business pages. As more people join Facebook, they come to know more about the products, companies, and information related to them. Facebook is ideal for viral marketing as information passes through different networks exponentially.

2. Twitter

Twitter SMO

Twitter is highly useful for sending micro-messages to existing as well as potential customers at any time, as per user’s convenience. People often join Twitter mainly for talking. Therefore, companies can make full use of Twitter to interact with their followers, ask them to offer a feedback on their products or services and share their concerns.

3. LinkedIn

LinkedIn SMO

This is primarily a resume-based website used by professionals to enhance their business network. Small and medium-sized businesses can create a good presence and credibility in their domain by making use of LinkedIn Answers. LinkedIn Answers are utilized by professional businessmen to look for relationships and create relationships.

4. Pinterest

Pinterest SMO

Compared to other social networking sites, Pinterest is curated and easily browseable. It is an image-based social networking site where users have to find and save their visual networks known as pins. As in the case of a virtual vision board, it is a place where you can store images and details which are interesting and helpful for you. Many businesses are using Pinterest these days to engage potential customers by sharing visual content.

5. Google Plus

GooglePlus SMO
Google Plus is actually an extension of Gmail. Companies which have a good presence on Google Plus have the perfect opportunity to connect with a major share of 900 million Gmail users by using mobile devices.


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