What is PPC in Google Adwords?

When people click on search network ads, a number of search related websites become visible where your ads get displayed. By advertising on your search network, your ads will get displayed when someone looks for the terms which are related to your keywords. It is a part of the Google Network.

Types of Ads in Search Network Ad

1. Text Ads


A text ad is a type of ad which is commonly used for promoting a product or service on Google Network. These ads become visible on Google results pages and all over the Google Network such as Display Network, Search Network, and search partners. Text ads tend to look different across the advertised mediums. As an advertiser, you should know that text ads become visible with language which labels them as ads so that visitors can comprehend that these links are paid forms of ads.

2. Dynamic Search Ads


These ads are one of the easiest ways through which people look for the products and services that you offer. They are best suited for companies that have a well-equipped website or a big inventory. Dynamic Search Ads make use of websites to target ads and can enable you to resolve the shortcoming in your paid campaigns. Without the use of such ads, even the best AdWords accounts which contain numerous keywords will miss out on relevant searches. Issues such as delays in creation of ads for new products and out of context with what is available on the website will also occur.

3. Mobile App Install

Mobile App Install ad campaigns are usually targeted towards ensuring that a maximum number of people download an app. You can take the help of AdWords to help in tailoring the targeting of keywords and creation of ads on the basis of your app ID and other details. You can use install as conversions in order to judge the performance of your campaign.
These ads are highly useful for creating custom app install ads which are specifically targeted at phones and tablets. You can install such ads on your reviews and app icons and can take people straight to the app store for downloading the app you offer.

4. Mobile App Engagement Ads

These ads are highly suitable if your main aim is to look for people who are drawn to the content of your apps. To ensure that people who have already installed your app attempt do so again, or open to the app and then to take a particular action. These ads enable flexibility for calculating bidding, targeting and conversions.

5. Call Only Ads

Call-only ads only appear on devices through which you can do phone calls. The ads are designed to urge people to call. All clicks on such ads enable potential buyers to contact you through their smartphones. Once such ads are created, you will need to enter the name of your business, contact details, short description, display URL and optional verification URL. All the fields can be hidden when these ads appear on cell phones.


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